On the Planet Planet

by Grant Carrington

    "On the Planet Planet" was published in the November 1976 issue of The Diversifier, edited by A.B. & C.C. Clingan.

    "On the Planet Planet" was originally written for an anthology of Last Man on the Earth stories that was never published. I think Scott Edlestein was the editor. Each story was to be written as a parody of a famous sf writer. I wrote two--one a parody of Robert Sheckley and "On the Planet Planet" as a parody of Cordwainer Smith. It was published under the byline of Smithwainer Cord.

    A short story here by GRANT CARRINGTON who is well known to the readers of Fantastic & Amazing. We hope you enjoy Grant's short parody of Cord Wainersmith's story.

    The Lord Jestodream ap Twilight, Lord of the Instrumentality, shuffled through the dust of the Planet Planet. He was an old man, nearing his thousandth year, but he was still vital.
    Beside him, helping him occasionally as he faltered, were his faithful underpeople companions: the lovely, feline C'Tabby; the earthly, sturdy H'Dobbin; and the faithful, trusty D'Rover.