Fanzine Articles

by Grant Carrington

     "Cook's Broth" (a profile of Glen Cook)-- NIGHT VOYAGES Issue Nine, Winter-Spring 1983, edited by Gerald J. Brown $3.00     Members of the 1969 Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop gathered on the porch of Becht Hall to sit and chat. From one of the third floor windows, the sound of a typewriter clattered away, with occasional pauses.
    "Glen's at it again," Wes Czyewski said.


     "The Holy Who?" (an article on the records of the Holy Modal Rounders)-- DIVERSITY 3 (August, 1972), edited by James W. Harris & Greg Bridges.
    Back in the days when I hung around the back room of The Bent Card, drinking performers' coffee (very weak stuff, thin and watery-looking, usually reddish, comes out of a bottle ("Don't come in a bottle, don't come in a can."--Stampfel & Weber)), we formed a group which we called the Mouldy Hotel Scroungers, which never got on a stage. In fact, I don't think it lasted more than five minutes. Very few of our groups did.

    "Izat Knows the Way of Flushing" by Grant Carrington & Tom Monteleone (an article on our experiences reading slush pile for AMAZING/FANTASTIC)--NICKELODEON Number Two, 1976, edited by Tom Reamy & Ken Keller.

    It's June 1971 and you're Grant Carrington. You're driving to the Tulane Science Fiction Writers' Workshop from New Haven, Conn. You've already sold one story to Amazing and there are three more of your stories somewhere in the Ultimate Publshing Company's slush pile.

    Just Another Name on the Masthead

    "The Musty, Dusty Language of Science" (TRUMPET No. 12, Summer 1981. Illustrations by William Rotsler)--edited by Tom Reamy & Ken Keller.
"What do you eggheads do for fun?"
"Oh, we go out, have a few beers and tell a few off-color equations."
When is knot theory not theory?

    Letter in Knights 20 (March 1979), edited by Michael Bracken.

    Gremliana (a column) in Knights 20 (March 1979), edited by Michael Bracken.
    On Monday, December 5, 1977, Robert C. Danek died. I know the name means nothing to you. It means nothing to anyone connected with science fiction except me. But Bob meant a great deal to me, and I feel the necessity to make some kind of gesture, some kind of scream, against the implacable night.

    "Timid Bank Clerks and Other Writers"--KNIGHTS, edited by Mike Bracken
    An article on the 1969 Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Workshop in Clarion, Pennsylvania

    "Tiptoeing Through Tulane"--IS 6 1972, edited by Tom Collins     Ah, visions of Joanna Russ, Chip Delany, Harlan Ellison, Damon Knight, and Kate Wilhelm! Not to mention Robin Wilson, Jim Sallis, and Piglet. The Tulane Science Fiction Writers' Workshop in New Orleans, direct descendant of Robins Wilson's Clarion SF&F Writer's Workshop.

    "When In Rome...What Are Those Romans Doing?" --Future Retrospective No. 11, edited by Cliff & Susan Biggers
    How do I get myself into these things? All I did was mention to Harley Dangerfield that there was going to be a science fiction convention in Rome, Georgia, and the next thing I know here I am at five o'clock in the godawful Saturday morning on fog-shrouded I-75. Harley Dangerfield? He's sleeping on the seat next to me.