Explanations Apologies and Other Detritus

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.

    I haven't the slightest idea what I'm doing. I'm just winging it. I picked up the bare basics of HTML pretty quickly and thought I had done some neat stuff. Then I looked at a couple of the other sites on the web. "Well," I said in my best Jack Benny voice (which sounds pretty good in my head but pretty lame when said aloud), "Content is more important than form." Jack-Benny-in-my-brain just snickered.

A Few Words on the "Design" (or Lack Thereof) in My Pages.

    Backgrounds--I started out with gray backgrounds but now I'm experimenting with other backgrounds. My current favorite (1/19/00) is the pebbled white background used with this page. Some of the others are pretty difficult to read.
    Text is usually in black, though I usually use blue or red for page headings.
    Hot links are usually in a color that will stand out (I hope) against the background of that page and its text. There are a few that don't and I've got to fix them one of these days. As far as I know, all links are connected ("hot"). If you find one that isn't, please let me know. I have had some trouble with some of the links to pages that aren't mine; they change sometimes and become unrelated to what's on my page. The Woody Guthrie link is one example.
    I am trying to acknowledge where I have stolen stuff from. Unfortunately, I don't always remember and most of the stuff I imported early on (like the prairie dog in my main screen) I didn't keep track of where I got it. My apologies to those whose stuff I'm using without acknowledgement. If you know where something unacknowledged is located, please let me know.
    My original intentions were to put my writings, songs, and theatre experience in here. Most of it is here now and now my energy is into writing my autobiography. It's something I've started numerous times in the past (one title was Master of None) but quickly got bored with. But for some reason, doing it on the net doesn't bore me. (I don't care how you feel about it.) I guess it's because I can write on whatever interests me at the moment. Sorry.

    In the unlikely event that someone is actually reading this drivel and wants to tell me what to do with it, or you want an unactivated link activated toot sweet, you can drop me a line. This includes comments on any of the screens.

    Finally, thanx & a tip of the Hatlo hat to Dave Grossman, Luther Jett, and BJ Mitchell.


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