The Long Lens of Dexter Quigley

by Grant Carrington

    The Long Lens of Dexter Quigley was published in the September 1985 issue of CHIC

    "We need some girls," Dexter Quigley said.
    "We need some money," I replied. "If we get some money, then we'll get some girls."
    Dexter nodded his head sagely. We were sitting in our dorm room at Southern Kennebec University on a normal Friday night. A normal Friday night for us meant sitting around talking about girls. Actually, I was the only one sitting--Dexter was lying on his back, toying with his camera: opening the back, closing it, holding it over his head and releasing the shutter, taking imaginary pictures of himself without film.
    "We could make some money with your camera, couldn't we?" I asked. "It's a good camera, isn't it?"
    "It's a Drug Fair special," he said, "but it looks like a Leica."
    "A looka-Leica, huh?"
    Dexter glared at me. "Another reason we don't have any girls is your childish sense of humor."