Calcomp Digital Recorder Users Manual

    The CALCOMP DIGITAL RECORDER USERS MANUAL was written by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) primarily from memos I had written on how to use the Calcomp 570 drum pen plotter, which was one of my major responsi-bilities when I worked at Goddard Space Flight Center from 1962 to 1968.

    The original plotting subroutines were written by Calcomp for the IBM 7090 computer. I wrote the original ones for the Univac 1107 and Calcomp then rewrote them. I wrote a number of additional subroutines for both computers (AXES, DASH, GRID, etc.)

    The manual also includes a map of the world that I originally recorded on punched cards from a machine at the Navy installation where my boss Bob Danek had once worked. This map was used to plot Mercury orbits.

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