"The Biologist"

by Grant Carrington

    "The Biologist" was published in Farrago (Fall 1956), edited by John Velman

    "The Biologist" was my first published fiction. Farrago was the literary magazine at Caltech. I was one of the assistants. I also illustrated my own story and had a couple of poorly drawn cartoons in the magazine. One showed Santa Claus trying on a couple of socks at a fireplace. Another showed a very tall man going into an Atlas Elevator Shoe store that had a sign "Be Taller Than She Is." The inspiration for "The Biologist" was a similar story in a comic book.

    In the east, the sky lightened, but died quickly as another false dawn passed. Then it was dark. No stars flickered in the blackest hour of the day as a fleet of cumulous clouds sped their way across the sky. Slowly, one of the fleet detached itself from its brothers and drifted idly to the ground beneath.