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    Allen Sandman: Shapes in Stone

     Clarion: A Reminiscence and Reevaluation

     Death and Designation in Pine Mountain

     The Greatest Show Off Earth

     Izat Knows the Way to Flushing

     The Musty Dusty Language of Science

    Nebula published in the May 22, 1973 Woodwind.

    On April 28, approximately 100 members of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) and their guests descended on the Hotel McAlpin in New York City. It was the New York version of the 1973 Nebula Awards banquet--similar ceremonies were being in New Orleans and Oakland the same day--but it really should have been called the Harlan Ellison Show. The attendees ranged from Arthur C. Clarke to upstart George Alec Effinger and included agents, editors, artists, and publishers.

     Recipe for Spam Chowder

     SciFi Goes Legit

     Stirring Up the Natives, published in Thrust 18, Winter/Spring 1982, edited by Doug Fratz.

    How many times have you heard a writer claim, either explicitly or by implication, that writing is just as hard as any other art? So many people think writing is easy, the argument usually goes, because everybody (at least in the U.S.) knows how to write, so they sit down and write something absolutely deadful, peppered with grammatical and spelling errors, and expect to have no trouble getting it published.

    Science Space Speculative Fantasy Fiction, an article by Dick Allen, published in the January 1971 issue of Yale Alumni Magazine.This article has a brief mention of me while I was working at Book World in New Haven, Conn.
    Book World, on Chapel Street, devotes two large sections to science fiction titles. Grant Corrington [sic], a young science fiction writer who handles its orders, says that SF sales are comparable to those of best sellers.

    To Richmond and Back

    The True Historie of Will Shaksper


    Stargazing hobby article in the New Haven Register, April 18, 1953