Tuesday, September 29, 2015

     Well, this was certainly not my best day so far. I utterly demolished rules 1 and 2 (by choice) and probably the only reason I didn't break rule 3 was because I wasn't tempted. But worst of all I got lost in Montreal and lost 4 hours trying to get on the road to Ontario.
     Into Quebec at 8:25 on Route 85 north. There was more color in the trees, a fair amount of red along with the yellows and light greens, but it was still mostly green. There was a mighty big lake at Packington. I was in and out of sun from 8:45 until 10:30, the temperature getting up to 73. At 9:50, Route 85 became Route 20 south. At one point there was a ridge to my left, ahead a number of small hills like bumps, later another ridge to my right, like a half-buried loaf of bread, a lot of farm country, stretches off flat on my right to some distance, the mud flats of the St Lawrence River, while bumps of hills cropped up to my left, hilly, bumps of hills cropping up, the road lined with trees, mostly pine, an occasional birch or deciduous tree. Rain began 11:00, just enough for windshield wipers on and off, light. Stopped at 12:50 for a steak wrap and iced tea at a Tim Horton's where they didn't speak English very well (or wouldn't admit it). I've never cared much for Tim Horton's in the past but this steak wrap was very good. I think Tim Horton's now owns McDonald's or maybe the other way round. Some serious rain, not very long, shower type things. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open so I pulled into an Enroute (a Canadian rest stop) to rest them for about 10 minutes. Very small pines ( tree farm?) to my right, larger ones to left, 10-30 feet high, a bar on a parallel road in the middle of nowhere with "Danseuses." Saint Perpetue (Perpetual Saint?). A lot of saints and notre dames in Quebec.
     Montreal around 3:00. Crossed the Jacques Cartier Bridge and got lost. I was trying to find a hotel I had located on the internet. I apparently turned the wrong way on DeLormier Street and then had trouble finding my way back to the bridge, with narrow streets, one way streets, no left turns, no signs. I finally found a sign but would have taken the turn too early except I saw other cars turning ahead of me. I wound up on Route 20 heading north, back the way I came, took a fork I shouldn't have taken, got myself turned around, pulled over, looked at the map, and realized I should have stayed on that accidental fork. But it was too late to turn around again so I went back to 20 and headed south for Route 30. After a long drive, I pulled over again and decided to turn around again but as I started off again there was the sign to 30. I'm now on Route 15 (don't ask) and I take what I think is the exit to Route 30 Ouest because the other sign says Route 30 Est, but it's 138 or something like that, so I turn around yet again, get on 30 and get off at what I think is the exit that will take me to the road to Ontario but I'm in another rabbit warren of streets so I find my way back to 30, pull over and look at the the map yet again and go back to 15 to 20 (winding up in pouring rain for about 5 minutes under a long north-south black cloud, like being under some Star Wars stellar battleship), this time to 20 Ouest, looking for 15 north but, because the 20 exit sign is on the ramp I should have turned on, I wind up on 40, which I follow for miles through the heart of the city with very little on the side of the road before finally being able to pull over and look at the map. This time I look at the Ontario map, which shows that, if I'd just taken 20 all the way, I'd have wound up on Ontario 401 to Toronto. But there's a connector from 40 Ouest to 20 Ouest so I keep on 40 and finally get back on 20. It is now 7:00, 4 hours after coming to Montreal.
     Into Ontario at 7:17 on 401. Exhausted, I stop at an expensive Super 8 in Cornwall at 8:25 and go to bed at 10:00.