Songs Without Wisdom

This is the home page for the CD "Songs Without Wisdom" by Grant Carrington with J.R. Robusto.
Links to the lyrics and chords for all of the songs on the CD are provided.
"Songs Without Wisdom" is available from CD Baby on the Internet
(CD Baby also has samples of four of the songs on the CD.)

Grant Carrington regularly performs at the following Open Mikes: br>The Wagon Shedin New Freedom, Pa.
Cafe Florian
at 7:00 pm on the second Saturday of each month
New Deal Cafe in old Greenbelt, Md
at 7:30 on the fourth Thursday of each month

The Belle of Bourbon Street
Carrion Crow
Children Riding the Night
(The Ballad of Dean Anschultz)
Four O'Clock on the Highway
The Gandy Dancer
A Gentle Thing
Going Going Gone
The Graveyard Shift
Islands of Light

It Don't Matter Any More
So Long John
Something Furtive in the Night
Walk in Balance
Walkin' (Going Home)
When the Sun Is On the Field
Where Are Those Days?
Wild Birds (That Same Damn Love Song)

1st known photos of The Fat Old Man with a musical instrument
(as a Thin Young Man, 1961)

40 years later

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