Ancient Laughter

This is the home page for the CD "Ancient Laughter"
by Grant Carrington with Steve Tilkens J.R. Robusto, and Brian Boggs.
Links to the lyrics and chords for all of the songs on the CD are provided.
"Ancient Laughter" is available from CD Baby on the Internet
(Each of the songs is also available as an MP3 download from CDBaby.)

All Night at the All-Night Diner
Ashes in the Wind (Sue's Song)
Dancing on the Web
Growing Old
Highway X

Lament For LaFarge
Little Girl
Paisley Highways
Party on Main Street
These Ancient Wings
This Moment
Three Lives

1st known photos of The Fat Old Man with a musical instrument
(as a Thin Young Man, 1961)

40 years later

More Photos

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